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221/DC4 Weave/Design


Product Number: hollis221DC4
  DIN/YOKE Price
DIN $369.99
YOKE $369.99
Total Cost: $369.99

We always recommend diving with a regulator designed for cold water applications. This allows more flexibility when traveling around the globe. But if your interest in diving is primarily warm water only, then the DC4 is the regulator of choice. Engineered and built with the same performance as the high performance DC3 without the environmental seal which is used in cold water environments. The DC4 is paired with the 221 2nd stage which is pneumatically balanced with virtually no breathing effort. Put this all together and you have a design that is lightweight, high performance, and an exceptional value that would be right at home in any warm water travel dive bag.

221 Second Stage
  • Pneumatically balanced second stage
  • Ergonomic A.V.S. (Adjustable Venturi System) Dive/Pre-Dive Switch
  • Patented Orthodontic Mouthpiece with High Density Bite Tabs
DC4 1st Stage
  • High performance over-balanced first stage provides progressively greater intermediate pressure as depth and gas density increases for superior gas delivery under the most extreme conditions
  • Part No. 240.3450.07 DC4 / 221 YOKE
  • Part No. 240.3451.07 DC4 / 221 DIN