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Using an underwater communication system is the industries new answer to safety and ease on divers. Allowing your divers to talk diver to diver and diver to surface not only gives them the safety of a full face mask from the environment but the ability to speak wireless if in trouble.

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AGA Quick Disconnect
AGA Quick Disconnect
AGA Quick Disconnect Weave/Design

AGA Quick Disconnect

Product Number: QD-YFS
Total Cost: $99.99

Female QD:
9/16"-18 Male
(Connects to a standard regulator hose)
1-1/2"L x 3/4"O.D

Male QD:
9/16"-18 Female
(Connects to a standard regulator fitting
or all OmniSwivel's)
1-1/4"L x 3/4" O.D

  • Female QD has lock built into
    sleeve.  Once connected, rotate
    the sleeve counter-clockwise
    90deg to engage the lock.

  • Solid Brass Construction

  • Made with 02 compatible