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Cristin Cash - Wright


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Broker Owner- Southern Realty
Store Manager – Shoreline Supply/First Response Outfitters  
My love for water helped me make the decision at 13 to become a certified diver through the PADI association. This was a huge step towards my future in scuba diving. I did my open water dives in Cozumel which to say the least was amazing, and this began my career in scuba.

Every opportunity I had to go with the precinct one constables office dive team and help I did. From making lunches, to toting equipment anything they let me do I was happy and proud to help.  As I got older I began helping with photos and pr, as well as scheduling career day at local schools to promote water safety. I will just say from an early age I was very passionate about water, and everything to do with it.

February of 2006 was a new experience for me. With a father and stepmother in law enforcement and uncle heading up the dive team I had been exposed to public service my entire life, and made the decision to get involved myself. I joined the North Montgomery Country fire department as an associate member and am an active member to date.

In June of 2006 I was offered the position to manage a scuba shop for my uncle, Vernon Miller. With my involvement in the fire department and all of my acquaintances within the county this position was wonderful. It was a rough start getting all of the suppliers together for swift water and scuba equipment, but all of the hard work paid off and the store has been very successful.

May of 2007 was a landmark; I had finally graduated high school! Summer of 2007 brought on our first basic open water classes through the shop. Through these classes we have met many new friends, and have some loyal customers. In august I began my first college classes at Lonestar College in Montgomery. I am pursuing a business degree from SHSU and am in college to date.

Hurricane Ike brought on a lot in 2008.  The day before landfall local fire departments basically wiped out my entire stock. I spent 5 days at the fire department helping with any needs following the landfall of Ike, and then left that day to take my swiftwater technician course.

Spring of 2009 was a great time for me. After many years of tagging along and assisting the dive team I finally became an active member.  This was my first year to “officially” train with them, and I jumped out of a helicopter into Lake Conroe! It was by far the most thrilling experience I had ever had. 2009 with the economy in the situation it is in has helped me lower prices and get better equipment to people. Many suppliers have cut their costs, and I strive to offer the most competitive pricing to all of my customers.  It has been a great year despite the economic downfall.

In the summer of 2009 after working in our real estate office for 3 years I decided to pursue a career in real estate. I enjoy working with people and helping them find a home that is perfect for them. Growing up my entire life in the Montgomery County area has given me a great knowledge of it and surrounding areas.

2012 marked another milestone for me with the completion of my Associates degree from Lonestar College.

2014 has been a MAJOR milestone. I obtained my Brokers License and opened Southern Realty.

If you need assistance in buying or selling your home please contact me @

Cristin Cash- Wright
(936) 672-2121

"From birth, man carries the weight of gravity on his shoulders. He is bolted to earth. But man has only to sink beneath the surface and he is free." - Jacques Yves Cousteau