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Hydro Glow Dock Master Blue
Hydro Glow Dock Master Blue

Hydro Glow Dock Master Blue

Product Number: 907236
Total Cost: $299.99

The Hydro Glow Fish Attracting Lights patented design utilizes green and blue light technology for improving your dock fishing activities. This light features an aluminum reflector shield and easily mounts to any dock...wood, composition or metal. It's designed to mount within inches of the water's surface, keeping the light (and the bugs) in the water. The luminating effect of the green or blue light in water allows the light to attract more bait fish as well as game fish to your dock. This new 110 vac Hydro Glow Fish Light is made to stand up to the rigors of fresh or saltwater applications, yet provide safe illumination. The light is waterproof and the bulbs are rated to provide years of great fishing enjoyment. The lights have proven to be effective in catching such salt water species as Snook, speckled trout, moonfish, red fish, and a variety of other salt water species. The species of fresh water fish that are attracted to the lights are any species traditionally active at night and that eat other fish! Be the envy of your waterfront. Although these lights are waterproof, they are not recommended to be mounted underwater.