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Vernon Miller

President/Shoreline Companies

In 1984, after 10 years of working for oil field related companies, I resigned my position as production supervisor and with the advice and support of my parents, Ruth and Chock, started Shoreline Services, Inc. I have always had a love for water related activities and a strong background in heavy equipment production and application. This company was a natural fit which included both of these.

Early on we offered only bulkheading with one crew. The economy was depressed due to the energy crunch and times were tough. I learned to operate on a tight budget and do the work right the first time, with little margin for error. I quickly realized a need for a marine construction company that could not only install bulkheading but that could also build and install piers, docks, boat houses, boat lifts & perform dredging as needed. By 1988 we had purchased our first barge which gave us two operational crews. The economy had improved by this point, and within two years we added a third crew to our team. We also opened a full time office with personnel.

In 1990 we secured a large contract to build a marina complete with breakwater. This meant we now had to employee divers as part of our construction methods. I became one of the primary divers, along with additional trained members added to our team. Our company continued to grow at a fast pace and by 1994 we found the need to add a fourth crew and barge. This brought our total to four operational barges on Lake Conroe. We also purchased property and constructed our new office on Lake Conroe complete with a facility to dock barges and equipment. We reside at this location to date.

Constable Don Chumley approached me about forming and operating a dive team for the precinct 1 constable’s department in February of 1993. After obtaining training from the Houston Police Department dive team, we became operational in the summer of 1993 and operate to date.

By 1996, marine construction on Lake Conroe was at an all time high. I found the need to add an additional design consultant to service our customers in Bentwater on Lake Conroe, my sister Carol Miller Rainer.  At this time we had four bulkheading crews and two carpentry crews. I also found myself purchasing the adjoining boat storages to my business on F.M. 830 which became Shoreline Storage.

2003 was a very busy year. Shoreline Services was continuing to grow, Shoreline Storage was full and ready for expansion.

2004 was an amazing year. We received the best gift you could ask for, Morgan Nicole Miller. With business still growing quickly we had to learn to juggle work and home time. Having a new baby slowed life down, but it was some of the most enjoyable times of our lives.

Through my association with the Constables Department Dive Team I seen a need to supply public safety divers with equipment that was more specific to their requirements than the ordinary sport diver. In July of 2006 we opened Shoreline Supply and First Response Outfitters. This store combined the needs of supplying marine construction parts to the Lake Conroe community and dive/swiftwater rescue gear to first responders.  My niece Cristin Cash grew up around myself and the dive team and was a natural selection for manager.  Shoreline Services was growing along with Shoreline Realty and Shoreline Storage, and business was good.

2007 brought the news of a bouncing baby boy, Mason Chock Miller. This added trucks and G.I. Joes to the collaboration of Barbies and makeup that appeared everywhere. Business with all of the companies was thriving with record sales.

The forecast for 2010 was bleak. If you listen to the news you would think doom and destruction was imminent. Surprise! Lake Conroe is alive and thriving and business is as usual, thanks to all of our loyal customers.

The flooding and storms of 2016 had our work load extremely busy! Lake Conroe saw record flooding and many neighborhoods around the lake had water over their bulkhead for the first time ever.