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Carol Miller Rainer

Design Consultant/Sales Shoreline Services Inc.

Lake Conroe has always been a home to me. My junior year in high school my parents purchased a lake house on Conroe, and ever since I have spent as much time as possible here. My true love for the lake has kept me in this area throughout my lifetime.

In 1996 after ten years working for criterion catalyst, a subsidiary of shell oil as office manager/design consultant, I made the hard decision to leave the company and come to shoreline to allow for more time with my family. After the shocking loss of my father I decided that this was the right decision for me. My goal was to be able to live at my home on Lake Conroe and get into design working in this area, and that goal was achieved when I came to shoreline. I have always had a passion for design of any type so buildings, docks, decks, piers and pools came into play.

My career with shoreline began in 1996 when the opportunity to design our docks, decks, and piers opened. The ordinary dock soon became more extraordinary, not you’re simple everyday design. I increased the importance of these structures to match the beauty and décor of each individual home, allowing for radius decking, material color, and upgraded light fixtures that really set off the look.

With the expansion of Shoreline Companies Inc. over the years we have grown to specialize in customizing and accommodating any and all needs in marring construction. Through all of this the opportunities I have had, meeting so many interesting people, and making lifelong friendships has been well worth it.

After being a single mom for 8 years I reunited with high school sweetheart, Morris Rainer. The first boy I ever dated reappeared into my life with 3 children and we married to make a family of 4 kids, the Brady Bunch I guess you could say. It took us twenty two years to get it right. I have my soul mate and four wonderful children. I had my first granddaughter in 2008 from my son clay who at the time was stationed in Iraq. My middle daughter, Miranda, is engaged and is to be married in July of 2010. Both of my older daughters are currently in college. Fortunately my oldest daughter, Cristin, works with me at shoreline. The youngest of the Brady Bunch, Megan, is still in high school and an active FFA member, so we spend lots of our free time out in the barn raising cows. I guess you could say the decision to move up here and pursue this job was a true blessing.

We are very fortunate to have this lake and the people who live on it to work with. I have learned and had very gratifying experiences along the way and hope to have many more. Living and working in Lake Conroe as a design specialist is truly a dream come true!

"Approach the ordinary with the extraordinary"