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Marine Structures

Sometimes building a boathouse, pier or dock can be overwhelming to a homeowner. At SHORELINE SERVICES, we try to make life a little easier. Our experienced staff will assist you in the designing and layout of your marine structure with a sharp pencil in mind to keep you within your projected budget. Since 1984, you can rely on our experience to help you make the best choices, ones that you won't regret.

We use only top quality materials such as .60 CCA pilings driven a minimum of five feet into the lake floor. Decks are constructed of premium timber such as ultra wood to give your project a quality look that lasts for years to come!! Attention to detail under the decking is as important as the finished look, so at SHORELINE SERVICES we spare no cost in joists and galvanized fasteners. We use more lumber than any of our competitors.

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To learn more about our marine services, call us at 936.856.4880 or contact us by email.


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