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Product Number: FN142-BK
  Size Price
FN142-BK $140.00
FN143-BK $140.00
FN144-BK $140.00
Total Cost: $140.00

Maximum Thrust. Minimum Effort.

Glide through the water with the ease of a soaring ray. Split fin technology minimizes kicking effort and maximizes power, resulting in less fatigue, less work and more efficient air consumption.

Trek also delivers the most diver-friendly fin strap and buckle assembly anywhere. For beginning divers and pros alike, Trek makes it easy going.

  • Unique split in the fin that provides.

  • a “propeller effect”.

  • Fin angle that aligns the blade to the lower leg for superior thrust with minimum effort.

  • Powered by Duoprene, an exclusive, next-generation thermoplastic elastomer.

  • Fin strap with oversized finger hole for easy on/off.