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Bronze Pedestal Lights
Bronze Pedestal Lights

Bronze Pedestal Lights

Product Number: 907229
Total Cost: $969.00

This light is a beautiful large sized marine quality Bronze Pedestal Light with 360 degree glass fesnel lens. The lens is stepped to provide a wide array of light with a low amount of power. There is also a bubble lens in the top of the light that emits a warm glow of light. Perfect for dock piling applications or the top of columns. The dock light itself is heavy duty marine grade bronze. These dock lights are super heavy duty with an extra thick glass fresnel lens and a glass bubble lens on the top of the light. This dock light weighs an incredible 24 pounds! These dock lights are perfect for the saltwater environments and are able to withstand the harsh outdoor environments. Perfect for docks, decks, columns and interior use as well. You will be extremely happy with this high quality dock light. These lights include easy to use mounting brackets, are wired and include a light bulb. Approx 13" high and 8" in diameter and approximately 5 7/8" pedestal base. Very limited availability.