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Product Number: PF4200BU
  Size Price
PF4200BU $85.00
PF4200SV $85.00
PF4200YL $85.00
PF4210BU $85.00
PF4210SV $85.00
PF4210YL $85.00
PF4220BU $85.00
PF4220SV $85.00
PF4220YL $85.00
Total Cost: $85.00

The NEW Response fin has a channel effect for thrust with optimized stiffness for less leg stress.
Available in Silver, Blue and Yellow

  • Triplex construction - Use of three different materials allows thrust characteristics and maneuverability to be optimized.

  • Blade stiffness selected to reduce leg strain and fatigue.

  • Flex pattern develops channeling effect for thrust.

  • Nature’s Wing technology.

  • Foot pocket design and materials deliver unmatched comfort.

  • Convenient, reliable quick-release strap buckles.

  • Blade design is responsive to all kick types: Flutter, Scissors, Dolphin and Sculling.

  • Versatility makes this fin the ideal choice for sport divers.